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    Welcome to the Knitalong for Blackwater Abbey Yarns! We plan to work our way through Blackwater Abbey Yarns projects at our own paces and discuss them here.  Neither of the Knitalong Hostesses has any affiliation with Blackwater Abbey Yarns whatsoever.  We're just big fans of their yarns.  Need help picking a project?  The official Blackwater Abbey Yarns site is very helpful, but you can always knit from another pattern that hasn't been tested for use with this yarn.  Be daring! Want to join us?  Send an email to snowballinhell@gmail.com and you'll be sent an invitation. 

The Knitters

  • Renada
    Always in search of the next yarn.
  • Pat
    Non-blogging pianist and knitter living in Metropolis. It's a bird! A plane! No! SUPERKNITTER
  • Donna
    An inspired knitter with a needle snarfing dog.
  • Karen Z
    A 40+ mother of 2 beautiful young ladies, who adores knitting, spinning, and spending time with her family.
  • Max
    (Not yet provided, but send one to your hostess and we'll take care of it!)
  • Karen
    A commuting knitter of wonderful things
  • Sandy
    Knitter, wife, mother, and worker bee
  • The Other Liz
    Hardworking knitter, also planning a wedding, as if she didn't have enough to do.
  • Margene
    Desert rat, mountain lover, Fiber Freak who knows it's all about the process.
  • Dee Dee
    Knitting + planning a wedding = one busy knitter

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